The production

Prize for environmental excellence 2009 ARIA Poitou-Charentes

The fertiliser used on the land is natural and organically based, it is also used in organic agriculture. This fertiliser is in conformity with regulation CE 2092 /91 annex II A, relating to methods of organic production.
Soil treatment/enrichment
Products used on the estate all appear on the green list which defines the quality of products in environmental terms. This treatment is without risk both as regards taste and contaminating residue, it is used in a discriminatory manner by careful targeting and by using machinery adapted to wine growing.. The absence of mass spraying allows better application control, reduces the quantity used and respects the environment.
CE : European Union

Insect Control

Selective protection
limiting insect reproduction
The vineyards are protected against the ravages of insects by using a technique known as sexual confusion. Pheromone diffusers are placed in the rows of vines to prevent chemical communication between the males and females. The chemical signal sent out by the female is distorted by the synthetic pheromones. The male doesn’t decode the message correctly and consequently doesn’t attempt to reproduce with the female.

The installation of this type of diffuser eliminates the need for mass spraying with insecticide which would settle on the grapes, it protects the production from pollution.

Respect for the environment

Residual water purification
after distillation and agricultural operations
The effluent from wine-making is treated by aeration stimulated by an integrated system of hydro injection in the reception pool. This is a natural cleansing procedure recommended by the Adour-Garonne Water Agency (Public authority part of the Ministry for Ecology and Sustainable Development )
Adour-Garonne Water Agency, consultation centre for the management, improvement and conservation of water in the regions of Adour, Garonne, Dordogne and the Charente.