“Vieille Réserve” OR 10 years old


The “Vieille Réserves”
10 long years in oak

This legendary wine embodies the aristocratic heritage of Château de Beaulon.

Pineau “Or”
Full, delicate and mellow. Orange bark, fruit stone, gingerbread, bergamot finish.
Food Pairing :
Recommended with : Foie gras and all dishes prepared with fresh cream : scallops, turbot, monkfish, John Dory, all white meats.
With cheese : Dry goat’s cheese, Roquefort
Dessert wine
with Zabaglione, delicately flavoured ices and pastries: vanilla, peach, pear, apricots, almonds, honey.

Pineau 10 ans d'âge
“Vieille Réserve” OR 10 years old