Pineau White Millesime 2000


An exceptional vintage

From the first sip of this delicious pineau, one is moved by its beautiful golden glow and the fragility of its deep citrus flavour, a heritage from the Charente soil. Taste buds delight. The senses drown in the generous and intoxicating scents of barley syrup, almond, prune and honey. Enjoy its fullness. You will quickly succomb to the fruity charms and unctuous aromas of this wonderful Vintage. In conclusion, pair it with sophisticated pastries. Take the time to fully appreciate its long finish.
Semillon (80%)
Sauvignon Blanc and Sauvignon Gris (20%)

Colour : Sublime copper gold.
Nose: Vanilla, toffee notes, light cinnamon, fresh almond, acacia honey.
Palate: Complex, rich, round and candied.

Pineau Blanc Vintage 2000
Pineau White Millesime 2000